Cocooning without Boredom

[edited to note that for many folks, the Net is running slowly, both in the US and in Europe. So, don’t be a hog! Download and then read or watch what you can offline.]

Go outside when you can–keeping your six-foot distance from others. Enjoy sunshine if you have it. Dig in the dirt a little. Rescue an earthworm. Make chalk art on your sidewalk or driveway. Some neighborhoods are creating scavenger hunts by putting various images in their windows (shamrocks, flowers) to be “found” by children passing by.


The Sun Magazine (now available without a paywall but you should subscribe anyway…)

Also: an excellent time to catch up on your unread books pile. You know you have one!


LEARN  a listing of video lessons, apps, books (audio, e and text), test prep and more

Scholastic’s Learn at Home

Mo Willems Lunch Doodle drawing classes  

Free online cooking classes through April

A compilation of cooking classes led by restaurant chefs:

Oceans Initiative Free virtual marine biology camp Mondays and Thursdays

Science experiments to do at home with kids:


National Theatre Live. A new play each week.

Zoo webcams

Aquarium webcams

Wild animal viewing

Cartoon interview series (thanks, Helen and Kate!)

Exquisite Corps. 42 choreographers doing one dance; hypnotic and you will want to incorporate dance into your own daily life!

Daily Ray of Hope. A beautiful photo emailed to you each day from the Sierra Club


Audible has hundreds of free audiobooks

Metropolitan Opera streaming for free

NPR’s list of live virtual concerts

Free literacy program where actors read to children

Calendar of online concerts

Berklee School of Music students band together remotely to perform “What the World Needs Now”


  A google doc listing lots of art contests, art games, digital art, and prompts for you to create:

Writing prompts from 916 Ink:


Get outside as much as you can, keeping that important six foot distance!

Dance Church virtual get-togethers on Sunday mornings.

Full length Yoga classes from the Yoga Seed:

One-hour yoga lesson from Jim Murphy

Learn dances (Irish step and more) for preK-5th grade


In the Rooms, free online recovery tool  

Online AA meetings

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