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Hand on My Heart

Thirty-five poignant and powerful poems, in which the poet performs word ballet, pirouetting her way through regrets, childbirth and parenting, floods and heat waves, the flight of owls and the dangers of ice fishing. Deeply personal and sensual, Hand on My Heart sympathetically plumbs the depths of memory and imagination. Here you will find poems inspired by the Wizard of Oz, fallen giraffes, Mason jars; laments and praise; what may be love, and what is most certainly love.

Remedies for Hunger

Remedies For Hunger

Named by the Chicago Book Review as one of their “Best Books of 2015”, these twelve short stories focus on moments in life when something turns, a choice is made, a promise is kept or broken. With vivid and precise details, Anara’s quiet tales introduce you to characters whose inner lives are both troubled and eloquent. You smell the permeating odors in a rundown Chicago apartment building, touch the texture of a bear’s thick fur, feel your feet scraping against the coils of a hairy rope ladder in the bathtub. This collection of observant tales provides a remedy to readers who are hungry for stories that resonate long after the last page is turned. 2014. Available as an e-Book from or and in print from booksellers, Ingram, and New Wind Publishing.

These short stories are snapshots of urban life, intertwined with scenes from the country or the odd suburb…stories about children, con men, hippies, sweet fathers, and negligent mothers.  Anara Guard picks out the secret jewels of the hardscrabble life where the domestic scene reveals the larger landscape.  Her subject is the mystery of childhood, the certainty of death and the shining light somewhere in between with all its startling beauty.” – Chicago Book Review

The Sound of One Body

A small hand-crafted collection of four short stories, issued by Back Pages Publishing, Waltham, Massachusetts. 2010.

“These fine stories offer brief, knowing glimpses into lives in transition. Anara Guard is a writer to be read again and again.” – Bret Anthony Johnston

 “These strong, haunting stories are like small wounds, nothing fatal, but nevertheless permanent; not scars but bruises won in battle, each one a glancing blow that leaves a distinct mark, and a memory of the pain we can inflict or endure when we’re not even looking.” – Robert Goolrick

Danger Zone series

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Four picture books for readers K-2: What If There’s a Fire? What If You Get Lost? What if You Need to Call 911? What If a Stranger Approaches You? 2012. Capstone Publishing


My short story, “Stray,” about a woman who cheats on her husband with a cat, was published in the 2017 issue of Gold Man Review.

My short story, “Stagestruck,” about a traveling musician who must decide how best to handle an overly enthusiastic fan was published in the May 2017 issue of The Ear.

“Zhee Zhou” was featured by Stories on Stage Sacramento in 2014, and Convergence published “The Way Out”.


A number of my poems can be read at this page on Verse Wrights

Sirsee: The Gift of Harvest published my poem “The Gift” in their inaugural issue.

My poetry has also been published in The Wild Word, Hika, Convergence, and Late Peaches, an anthology of Sacramento poets.